About ME

I am a Mother, Wife, Domestic Engineer (smile) and a Manager-Independent CTMH Consultant.  I'm a keeper, a saver, a pack rat. I have countless notebooks, scrapbooks and boxes of notes, greeting cards and pages ripped from magazines.  I have always loved scrapbooking and making cards for others.  Crafting is my passion and my therapy.  

I feel so blessed to have found Close To My Heart... SO many awesome (seems like a total 80's word, but I still use it all the time!) products to choose from.  If you're like me, you will want one of everything!  My brain is often on overload with creative ideas!  They make creating so easy with step by step instructions and the best quality products you can find.  It seems for every ONE project I finish, FIVE more get added to my "to-do" list!  I LOVE it!

Whether you're near or far, follow along and I'll show you how to create beautiful artwork to honor the special relationships in your lives.

Happy Creating!

"ENJOY your days and LOVE your LIFE, because life is a journey to be savored."

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