Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mornings Like This

So most people want to stay at home in a cozy bed on mornings like this…we, on the other hand, decide to take a drive in the chained-up feed truck to take in the beautiful day the Lord made! Although…our poor cows aren't feeling the same way.

And then…I came home and created!

I recreated the cards on page 39 in the new CTMH idea book! I love this set!
Another snowy day creation. I used Balloon Ride paper and instructions from Frenchie at frenchiestamps.com to make this card in a box. SO much FUN!!!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

New & Used Items for Sale

I'm yet another consultant on a cleaning spree! Here are some items for sale…. 

Stamps For Sale
A1023 Fall Blocks $4.95 
A1042 Live Life Well $4.95 
A1125 Thanks $4.95 
A1127 A Journey $4.95 
A1130 Quick Cards Bountiful Season $4.95 
A1135 Bumble Bee $4.95 
A1142 Friend $6.95 (New) 
A1145 flowering Thanks $6.95 (New) 
A1150 Charming Chevrons $6.95 (New) 
A1151 Lots of Love $6.95 (New) 
B1328 Backwoods $9.95 (New) 
B1358 Heart to Heart $9.95 (New) 
B1406 Blessing of Peace $9.95 (New) 
B1413 Perfect Fit Halloween $7.95 
B1424 Classy Doily $9.95 (New) 
B1427 Perfect Fit Thanksgiving $9.95 (New) 
B1429 Eek & Shriek $7.95 
B1432 Love This $9.95 (New) 
C1234 Simple Stitiches $11.95 
C1408 Live Inspired $11.95 
C1471 Happy Clusters $13.95 (New) 
C1521 Approved $13.95 (New) 
C1541 New Baby $13.95 (New) 
C1544 Surf’s Up $11.95 
C1547 For Always $11.95 
C1555 Count Your Blessings $11.95 
C1556 Paisley Perfect $13.95 (New) 
C1561 One-Way Borders $13.95 (New) 
C1563 Cityscape $13.95 (New) 
C1564 Stitch Wonder $13.95 (New) 
C1565 In The Moment $13.95 (New) 
C1568 The Party Is On $11.95 
D1440 Everlasting Life $15.95 
D1523 Sweet Music $15.95 
D1524 Frame It Up $15.95 
D1525 Casual Expressions $15.95 
D1527 Perfect Fit Frames $17.95 (New) 
D1550 Happy Autumn $17.95 (New) 
D1551 Swirls Around $15.95 
D1553 Yuletide Greetings $17.95 (New) 
D1554 Christmas Village $17.95 (New) 
D1571 Sweet & Lovely $17.95 (New) 
D1521 Powder Heaven $17.95 (New) 

Papers, Etc. For Sale ($2.00 each) 

Olivia (multiple b&t scrap pieces, 1 unused stickease assortment and 3 stickease assortments with a few pieces missing on each) 

Magic Moments (4 stickease with a few pieces missing on each) 

Floral Tapestry (2 unused stickease and 4 stickease with a few pieces missing on each) 

Backcountry (5 Base Pages, 4 unused stickease) 

Bella (1 unused letter stickease and 4 stickease with a few pieces missing on each) 

Between Friends (8 Base Pages, 1 unused punch out embellishments, misc b&t scrap pieces) 

Denim Days (3 Base Pages, 8 B&T’s, 2 unused stickease, 2 stickease with a few pieces missing, a few b&t scrap pieces) 

Emporium (3 Base Pages, a few b&t scrap pieces, 2 unused stickease, 1 stickease with a few pieces missing) 

Enchanted (4 Base Pages, 2 b&t pages, 5 unused stickease, 1 stickease with a few pieces missing 

Grace (2 unused stickease, 4 stickease with a few pieces missing, a few b&t scrap pieces) 

Lucky (5 whole pieces, multiple b&t scrap pieces, 1 unused letter stickease, 3 stickease with a few pieces missing0 

Notebook ( 3 whole pieces, 3 Base Pages, 10 stickease with a few pieces missing) 

Mischief (4 whole pieces) 

You Rock (3 Base Pages, multiple b&t scrap pieces, 4 stickease with a few pieces missing) 

Oak Brown ( 22 - 8 1/2” x 11” cardstock sheets) 

Oak Brown (16 - 12” x 12” cardstock sheets) 

Vineyard Berry (36 misc B&T’s) 

Funtastic (4 Base Pages, 4 B&T’s, 1 punchout sheet) (3 available) 

Traditional Holiday (12 Base Pages) 

Moonlight (15 bulk papers) 

Key To My Heart (6 B&T’s) 

Later Sk8r (new Scrapbook WOTG) $24.95 

Later Sk8r (10 B&T’s, 8 card stocks) 

Tommy (Full paper pack) $9.95 

Flirty (2 Full paper packs) $9.95 each 

Florentine (Full paper pack) $9.95 

Avonlea (Full paper pack) $9.95 

Clementine (Full paper pack) $9.95 

Moonlight (3 Full paper packs) $9.95 each 

Florentine (Full paper pack) $9.95 

Typeset (Full paper pack) $9.95 

Dakota (3 Full paper packs) $9.95 each 

Matchbook Card Kit (Full kit, makes 12 cards) $10.00 

Necklace Kt (6 available) $14.00 each 

Workshops on the Go Guides $1.00 each 
Clementine, Scroll Album, Dakota, Avonlea (2), Buzz and Bumble, Chantilly (2), For Always Cardmaking, For Always Scrapbook, Pear & Partridge (3), You & Me, Wings, Tommy, Pemberley, Florentine, Victory, Moonlight, Roxie (2), Sweetheart, Typeset, Stella, Canvas Art, Sweet Home, Miracle Scrapbooking, Miracle Cardmaking & Scrapbooking, Magnifique Cardmaking & Scrapbooking 

Dimensional Elements ($2.00 each) 
Borders, Mixed Shapes (2), Fresh Shapes, Awards, Framework (2), Tags (2), Banners (3), Hearts (2), Pizzazz, Stars, Flirty, Chantilly, 

Irresistibles ($2.00 each) 
Make It Count, Dreams 

You can email me at cobwebsintime@gmail.com 
Thanks and Happy Shopping! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Idea Book

The NEW Idea Book is HERE!!!!

Embossing is Boss!
Get a free embossing folder of your choice with your qualifying purchase!
During the month of February, you are eligible to receive your choice of a new embossing folder FREE for every 2 packs of bulk card stock you purchase.  Pick from our 5 new folder designs (dot, chevron, quatrefoil, damask or stripe) when you make a qualifying purchase.  The more card stock you purchase, the more folders you can get!

February Stamp of the Month!
Only $5 with a $50 purchase!