Monday, August 12, 2013

Designed Decor Frame Kit

Don't let your frame of mind,
frame you in!
Designed Decor Frame Kit ~ Click here to order today!

"Have you ever felt like dancing in a fountain?  Fully clothed?  In the middle of the day?  With people everywhere?  I've seen someone do it, and the laughter and smiles tell you in a minute that the scene has just made everyone's day.

Most of us have crazy thoughts like that, but we don't act on them.  Our frame of mind frames us in.  It dampens our growth, stamps out our creativity, and wreaks havoc with our imagination.  Daring to be wacky means stepping out of our comfort zones, taking a chance, and creating a life with loving. 

Sure, it's risky ~ but so what?  Being wacky means following your heart.  You don't have to be obnoxious or extreme:  just be willing to step outside the box, let go of your doubts, and grab hold of the first opportunity that comes your way."

Learn to scrapbook.  "Take music lessons.  Go back to school.  Make friends with an old rival.  Volunteer for charity.  Run a race.  Adopt a mutt.  Try out for a play.  Join a yoga class."  Take random pictures.  "The results will amaze you.  You're never too old, too young, too rich, or too poor to just do it." (Suzy Toronto)

Ready?  Set GO!

Start today by creating a stylish decorative art piece to display those wacky moments you're creating!  Display in your home using the items in this kit and your ingenuity.
Contents:  Designed Decor Colonial White Frame, My Acrylix Frame Kit Stamp Set, Kraft Paper Die-Cut Shapes, Mini Wooden clothespins and Baker's Twine Hemp  $35.95 Z1911

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Designed Decor Black Frame ~ Click HERE to order today!
Wood frame with decorative clothesline wires for hanging photos, memorabilia  and artwork.  Sawtooth hanger on back.  Interior dimensions: 13½" × 12"


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