Thursday, January 24, 2013

A View From My Window....
"You are the seed that decides the harvest around you."
Enjoy the view from your is mine...

A new card and a new poem tonight...I'm on a roll!  Ha!

Stamp sets:
CTMH D1477 Universal Backgrounds
CTMH D1544 Distressed Backgrounds
CTMH D1543 Country-Born
SU Harvest Blessings

CTMH alcohol-based markers
CTMH pigment black ink
CTMH canvas shapes
CTMH Artisan Studs

Growing Green
The peaceful beauty of green in spring
covers the valleys as they grow
While mountain tops still have
Clusters of snow.

The graceful beauty of green in summer
When crops are maturing to bloom
Soon green mowers cut the hay
To give the new growth room

The fading beauty of green in fall
When summer growth is browned
Prepared by the frosty cold
For winter snow to cover the ground.

A green at rest in wintertime
to rise again in spring
Budding the cycle of a year anew
And the greens that it will bring.

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  1. So...I showed my creation to my hubby this morning and I get, "That's cool...How did you do that?...well, you DO know that that's not John Deere green, that's a Farmall!" The "red tractor" word is a dirty word in this house! Oops! Ha! Sorry John Deere! I tried!


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